PLA 2015 Memorial Walk Victoria

PLA – Pregnancy Loss Australia – had their annual memorial walk at Ruffey Lake Park in Doncaster. Katie and I do many charity events, but this was the first time we had been involved with PLA. We were there to film the event on what was a warm Melbourne day with temperatures hitting the high twenties – a pleasant break from the winter temperatures we’ve been experiecing.

The event is now in its sixth year. Its incredibly well organised by Renee, the PLA Victorian coordinator, and her army of volunteers. There was a large turn out of support with well over five hundred people attending from 10am through the close at 2.30pm. There was an array of stores selling art and craft as well as food and beverages, and a jumping castle, pony rides, face painting and a petting zoo on hand to keep the kids out of trouble.

Just after lunch the memorial walk commenced with a large number of people walking around the lake. The butterfly memorial wall continued to grow throughout the day and late afternoon came the mass balloon release, symbolic of all the angel babies being remembered.

When preparing for the making of the video we came across a song on the PLA web site by artist Casey Barnes called Waiting on the Day. Casey is a PLA Patron and we couldn’t get the song out of our heads. We proceeded to cut a draft version of the track and sort out Casey’s approval to use the track. Casey was more than pleased for the song to be used for this video and we thank Casey for his support of PLA and allowing us to use the track. You can find Casey’s music on iTunes and check out his web site.

We hope you enjoy the PLA 2015 Memorial Walk video.