Ivana Down Under

Visiting European model Ivana graced us with her presence recently at one of Melbourne’s premier back beachs. While the weather wasn’t ideal we made the best with what we had and Ivana was a true professional pushing on even when her toes were very cold (see image captured by photographer Terrence Credlin).

While shooting stills we managed to shoot some video. This is the shorter version / edit of the full 5 min video from our shoot with Ivana also found on our Vimeo page. NSFW so if nudity offends please don’t watch.

While trying to keep Ivana in the sun, out of the wind but remembering we wanted the best light and backdrop for our images it proved a constant challenge. In the end it’s all about collaboration, attitude and team work. Thanks to Ivana for a memorable shoot wishing you well on the rest of your Australian tour and hoping you’ll be gracious to visit us again Down Under in the near future.





10 Year Anniversary Shoot

It’s been a collaboration running for just over 10 years.  We (Katie and I) first shot Sheridan 10 years ago on a very cold and wet Ballarat day early in 2006.  Ten years on in early September not a lot has changed, weather wise that is.  Sheridan is the founder and owner of One Trick Pony Clothing as well as a progressive DJ ready to embark on a mini tour of China this year.  

With both of us are time poor these days and getting the time to get together to shoot juggling family and work has it’s challenges.  However we found a free day and because of the weather decided to shoot fashion indoors in Ballarat.  We have a iBook underway showcasing our 30 plus shoots over this 10 year period we hope to complete this year.  Sheridan we appreciate your friendship as well that of your family and we wish you all the best for your forth coming China tour.



Our Man in Havana

Congratulations to Lyric Opera Melbourne for their recent successful performances of Our Man in Havana at the Atheneum, Melbourne.
Were just finishing post production of the vision captured as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival’s performance.  ABC Classic FM recorded the performances and will be putting to air later this year for all those Opera fans who couldn’t make one of the live performances.  Great reviews by all the major news organisations received.

Lyric Opera of Melbourne is proud to presnt the first Australian production of Malcolm Williamson’s black comedy / spy thriller ‘Our Man in Havana’. 

Based in the Graham Greene novel and the film staring Alec Guiness, Havana is a mastpiece  of music and theatre by one of Australia’s greatest and most neglected composers.
Lyric are transforming the Comedy Club on Collins St into a seedy Cuban den of cocktails and crooners. With a top shelf cast and creative team, Havana will be the unmissable event of the year.