NYATA Launch

Friday night in Geelong took us to the launch of fashion label NYATA. This new label is best described by the creator Amber Gwynn:

Nyata is a unique fashion label aimed at curvy women, created by Amber Gwynn, a plus size model for Life/Style Model Management. ‘Nyata’ standing for ‘real’ in Indonesian is aimed at real women with real curves. Nyata celebrates women in their original beauty and consistently aims to improve the positive representation of curvy women. It is a timeless and classic line with a modern edge, aimed at promoting confidence, allure and equality.

The night was well attended by friends and family of Amber, some who have been close supporters of her journey. For the NYATA models, this was all their first time and they were awesome to work with, vivacious and accomodating. They embraced the opportunity and looked like they thoroughly enjoyed being out there, showcasing the launch designs from NYATA.

Check out their web site for more details on the range and how to order. Here’s the video from the launch of NYATA:



One thought on “NYATA Launch

  1. AMAZING Videographer and Photographer. Highly recommend to all. Very professional and throrough, attention to detail, and extremely easy to work with. A pleasure working with you Mark, hope to collaborate further with you in the future. Amber Gwynn, Director of Nyata.

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