A Special Night for a Special Lady

Over the years Katie and I have gifted worthy charities and causes for projects and events were we feel we can make a difference.  When asked if we could help a fund raising night for a lady who is the friend of so many of our friends then how could you refuse.  Apart from filming the event we asked and received a positive yes to filming Linda, Matt and several of their friends the Sunday before the big event.  I enlisted the assistance of our friend Jeff Osman of Carpe Diem Films http://www.carpediemfilms.com.au who gladly gave his time to assist with the project.

The film that we produced hears from Linda, Matt as several of their close friends speaking intimately about Linda’s diagnosis combined with the celebration of 250 friends and family attending a “Special Night for a Special Lady” a celebration of Linda’s life while raising funds to support Linda and Matt.  For many while under going treatment their unable to work and this was the case for Linda.  We often forget that those bills from rent, car payments, food, insurance, utilities and the list goes on don’t go away.  Linda’s approach to the fight is not only inspirational but her ability to care for others while she is dealing with not one but three forms of cancer is truly moving.

Often in war warriors speak of their fellow warriors whom they would follow into any battle.   Personally if I was ever to fight the battle Linda is fighting all I could ever ask for is for fellow warriors like Tracey & Lily.  In addition behind these two are many others who have given their time to support their friend with their time in assisting organise this night and other find raisers.  There also part of Linda’s greater support network.


Linda’s story

Matt and Linda were married in October 2013 with Linda’s diagnosis in March 2014, one week before heading off on their honey moon.  Due to the immediate medical intervention of treatment Linda and Matt have been unable to have that honeymoon.  Having listened to Matt speak about his journey faced with the same situation I only wish I could have the same resilience and strength to not only support my wife but also his three wonderful daughters.  Matt’s words are both encouraging and comforting and we look forward to Matt and Linda being able to take that honeymoon very soon.

Update – Linda’s in in remishen and they enjoy a short but wonderful trip to the Australian outback several months ago.