Stand down it’s my tree

I’ve always noticed this odd looking dead tree in a paddock close to our studio in the Dandenongs.  Friend and film maker Jeff Osman from Carpe Diem Films in passing one day mentioned this tree, so of course I claimed it to be mine and we started a SMS war of who’s tree it was.  All this in jest of course, but what it led to was Jeff making an approach to the owner of the land and soon we had a fashion shoot organised at the property.  There were delays on the day costing us valuable time and the weather had turned nasty by the mid to late afternoon, not allowing for the aerial video we so wanted to capture, as the winds had increased to 15~20 knots.

With the weather getting worse by the minute we concluded our outdoor shooting and moved onto our next location, a beautiful home 30 minutes further into the hills.  We were able to get a few more images at this location and several of those images are shown below.  The perils of shooting in the great outdoors.  Some days the weather works for you and on others it’s best to let mother nature win.