Ivana Down Under

Visiting European model Ivana graced us with her presence recently at one of Melbourne’s premier back beachs. While the weather wasn’t ideal we made the best with what we had and Ivana was a true professional pushing on even when her toes were very cold (see image captured by photographer Terrence Credlin).

While shooting stills we managed to shoot some video. This is the shorter version / edit of the full 5 min video from our shoot with Ivana also found on our Vimeo page. NSFW so if nudity offends please don’t watch.

While trying to keep Ivana in the sun, out of the wind but remembering we wanted the best light and backdrop for our images it proved a constant challenge. In the end it’s all about collaboration, attitude and team work. Thanks to Ivana for a memorable shoot wishing you well on the rest of your Australian tour and hoping you’ll be gracious to visit us again Down Under in the near future.