It’s not always about the ladies

Over the years we have photographed many male models, and filmed and photographed several male dance reviews.  It’s just not about the ladies, right?  Some of the guys have been discovered by talent scouts while working as tradies on building sites while others have made a more conscious decision to pursue a career in modelling / dance performance.  No matter how you got started the most important aspect is to enjoy the experience and give it your best.

Vogue Style Shoot

Hair Stylist Annabelle Galjar organised a Vogue inspired shoot with two models Jessica Lee Deer and Erin Haverkamp.  Make up was by Jennilee Pettit and we shot the images at Sun Studios in Richmond.  It was a fast paced four hours of shooting to get in as many outfit changes and looks as we could with the time available.  The team worked well together ensuring downtime was minimised.  This was the first time I had worked with this team and our models, who were relatively inexperienced at photographic shoots, did a wonderful job bringing new and creative ideas to the shoot, as well as taking direction when call for.  After a preselected model cancelled at short notice, Erin came on board at 10pm the night before so a big thanks to her for helping out.  A few of the images from our shoot are below.

Update – Annabelle took out 2nd place in the Vogue Style section – congratulations team.

Boudoir Shoot

We have posted several boudoir posts over the years.  While boudoir is mainly for the ladies we have also photographed many couples.  We usually shoot these in our studio but occasionally on location.  Your own home is a great place to start.  It’s familiar and you’ll have all the outfits and props available at close hand not to mention you won’t need to travel.

There are a lot of well priced hotels, especially if your looking at off peak mid week rates that offer excellent rooms for doing these style of shoots.  Most hotels have web sites that allow you to see the style of room before booking it so you’ll know what your exactly getting. With air conditioning and block out blinds if needed it’s a great space to turn into our own personal studio for a few hours of shooting. While you’re at it also spend the night and take advantage of having the room by relaxing after the shoot.







Another Jeff Osman art film shot in a day.  Jeff enlisted a team of models, Hair and Makeup and Stylists for this project.  It was a compressed schedule which wasn’t helped by the hair stylists cancelling the night before.  A huge thanks to Zilla Stacey of Bride Zilla for offering to do all of the models’ hair.  Our makeup artist was Mishel and our Stylist / dress designer, Vicoola Fashionista.  Head pieces by Bride Zilla and Feathers by Faith.

A few BTS shots from Quintessence.

Play the film here as it’s been released since writting this blog piece.

Jeff shot 70% if the film indoors using a small constructed set as well as other parts of the building before venturing outdoors using the beach as a contrast.  The film and stills from Quintessence will be revealed at a gathering of the team and guests later this year.  Of course we can’t forget the talent.  Brittany Hunt provided by Amanda Pollard of Mint Management Australia, Evelyn Lewis and Stephania Madelaine Salmetti.  We had a fourth model,  the face of Bride Zilla who won’t appear in the art film shot by Jeff, but does appear in many of the still images show casing Zilla’s head peices.  All other credits at the end of the film.




The other side of the girl – Album Launch

A weekend off by any chance?  So we thought so.  Mid Saturday afternoon last weekend we received a call from artist Diana May Clark seeing our availability to film her latest album launch.  When asked when is it she said “tomorrow night”.  Diana was refered to us by a friend so we didn’t want to let her down.  With a 2nd camera operator needed at short notice Katie was forced from retirement by the promise of a show and a meal (maccers on the way home).   With the kids sent of to their relo’s for the evening it was off to the gig.

Now back in the studio we are currently in play back editing the final minutes of the album launch from the Ding Dong Lounge last Sunday night in Melbourne  Diana’s new Album The other side of the girl features a very catchy tune called In love with love.  You can see the official video clip here Diana May Clark – In Love with Love (official)

Diana is a very well grounded and genuine artist who has a sweet voice to match.  The band plays tight and their professionalism to the cause was noted.  You can read more about Diana and her music here or find her albums on iTunes.  Sending good vibes to Diana and the band launching the album in Adelaide tonight.

PS: A few of Diana’s fans and the Sasha Starr dancers learning the moves to In love with love.


A Special Night for a Special Lady

Over the years Katie and I have gifted worthy charities and causes for projects and events were we feel we can make a difference.  When asked if we could help a fund raising night for a lady who is the friend of so many of our friends then how could you refuse.  Apart from filming the event we asked and received a positive yes to filming Linda, Matt and several of their friends the Sunday before the big event.  I enlisted the assistance of our friend Jeff Osman of Carpe Diem Films who gladly gave his time to assist with the project.

The film that we produced hears from Linda, Matt as several of their close friends speaking intimately about Linda’s diagnosis combined with the celebration of 250 friends and family attending a “Special Night for a Special Lady” a celebration of Linda’s life while raising funds to support Linda and Matt.  For many while under going treatment their unable to work and this was the case for Linda.  We often forget that those bills from rent, car payments, food, insurance, utilities and the list goes on don’t go away.  Linda’s approach to the fight is not only inspirational but her ability to care for others while she is dealing with not one but three forms of cancer is truly moving.

Often in war warriors speak of their fellow warriors whom they would follow into any battle.   Personally if I was ever to fight the battle Linda is fighting all I could ever ask for is for fellow warriors like Tracey & Lily.  In addition behind these two are many others who have given their time to support their friend with their time in assisting organise this night and other find raisers.  There also part of Linda’s greater support network.

Linda’s story

Matt and Linda were married in October 2013 with Linda’s diagnosis in March 2014, one week before heading off on their honey moon.  Due to the immediate medical intervention of treatment Linda and Matt have been unable to have that honeymoon.  Having listened to Matt speak about his journey faced with the same situation I only wish I could have the same resilience and strength to not only support my wife but also his three wonderful daughters.  Matt’s words are both encouraging and comforting and we look forward to Matt and Linda being able to take that honeymoon very soon.

Update – Linda’s in in remishen and they enjoy a short but wonderful trip to the Australian outback several months ago.

An Outdoors CosPlay Shoot

For this shoot we headed to one of our favourite locations, handily not so far from our studios.  The railway tracks offer a different look to the scene and the local vegetation provides a well contrasted background.  There is some overhang from trees offering shade if shooting in summer, helping to illuminate shadows.  Here are some of the images from the shoot:

Hayley Rate Shoot 2b-4036

Outdoor COS Play Shoot

Hayley Rate Shoot 2b-3974

Outdoor COS Play Shoot

Hayley Rate Shoot 2b-3961Edit2

Outdoor COS Play Shoot

Hayley Rate Shoot 2a-1603Edit2

Outdoor COS Play Shoot

Hayley Rate Shoot 2a-1541

Outdoor COS Play Shoot




Have you ever wanted to be in a movie?

In late April 2013 came a Saturday which was to be my first weekend off for the year. The day began lying in bed checking social media and email on the iPad, as standard. Katie and the baby were fast asleep and it was around 8.30am – a huge sleep in for me. I’m the kind of early riser who thinks nothing of starting work at 5am.

On Facebook was a message from friend and fellow photographer Murray Brooks, so I replied, had no response and forgot about it further, instead heading down to the office around 9am to fire up the computers and check for missed calls overnight. There were five or six from Murray, so something was definitely up. After a return call to him, it turned out he had car trouble and was unable to make a commitment, and was I up for doing it? And it being my weekend off, I was happy to get into something new, because what else are weekends off for when you love what you do?

The assignment was to photograph up to 8 models – but there was a twist. It was to be a live shoot on the set of a movie, Dream of a Shadow, By 10am one of the producers was calling me to sort through the details, a call sheet was emailed through and, working backwards, I had less than 3 hours to select and prepare equipment before a 1 hour drive to the location. Judging by the call sheet and Google Maps, it was clear I’d be working on a smaller, rather than larger, set. Necessary information when it comes to equipment selection. As always, we travel with more equipment than less, but my main challenge for now was to stage all selected equipment and prep in less than 3 hours.

Large studio soft-boxes and strobes, while ideal for this assignment, were not going to be practical with the kind of space limitations I expected I’d be dealing with. The live model shoot was to be filmed as part of a scene, so I’d not only be working with the on-set talent, but also with the DOP, Steadicam Operation and any other crew. So I selected 2 x SB900’s in 12″ x 12″ soft boxes triggered by a Nikon SU800 commander on camera.  I also chose to shoot with a FX body. Which meant ensuring lots of AA batteries charged, along with the camera batteries. I decided as well to bring plenty of SB800’s and our pocket wizards, just in case we needed to light a larger area.  Our Manfrotto XXX stands that fold and pack flat are great for a strobist style of approach and we certainly recommend those.

So I arrived on set about 15 minutes early and meet the Director, Producers and rest of the crew.  As the various actors came and went into makeup, introductions were made and I was able to catch up with a few familiar faces – one being Hollie Neilson, whom I had photographed 14 months prior, the day before Katie gave birth to our son Luke.  Hollie has a lead role in this feature film and had flown in from Brisbane for a day of filming. If you’ve not been on set before, you soon learn patience.  There are set up times for the crew, actors practice blocking and then there can be several takes and several camera / lighting changes on top of that.  Knowing this gave me the opportunity for a few of my own set up changes as we progressed. Primarily I was shooting with a Nikon D3 and D800, with on the D3 being a 17~55mm f2.8 and the 85mm F1.4 on the D800.  There was at one stage an opportunity to get the 70~200mm VR f2.8 on the D3 for a few shots of Hollie when the cameras weren’t rolling.

It was certainly a challenging shoot. I shadowed the steadicam operator most of the time, moving my lights in and out as actors changed locations to better suit lighting the scene for film. So I decided to shoot in mostly in manual mode with the flashes set to TTL and let the computers do the calcs. Actors and crew constantly walked in front of, and were blinded by, the IR signal  Pocket wizards were looking to be an option but the set was small and I was getting enough good shots to put up with the occasional misfire or under exposure as an actor stood in front of a soft box. With all this going on I had to remember my role on set as an actor, knowing my mark. In one scene I even had a line – kind of novel for me, who’s always behind the camera!

After take on take and lots of set changes as the director and producers discussed various aspects with the DOP, we where getting close to finishing up.  After some pizza and a cold beer as part of the KRAFT services on set it was approaching midnight.  Time to wrap it up, pack the gear away and head back to the studio.  By the time I arrived back at the studio I decided to wait until the following morning before loading the images into Lightroom and back up to our servers.  Both the D3 and D800’s have dual card slots and allow for shooting in a raid configuration having a copy of each image on each of the camera cards.  Of course everything we shoot is RAW.

So there you have it, a live shoot on set, on what was to be a lazy day off, with only 3 hours to prep for the shoot.  Knowing your equipment, being flexible and having trust in your abilities and the others you work with goes a long way to ensuring a successful shoot.  Check out Dream of a Shadow  and if I’m lucky I may get my 15 seconds of fame in a cinema near you some time soon.  Murray you owe me a Saturday!


Dream of a Shadow 1a-0789-Edit2

Dream of a Shadow

Dream of a Shadow 1a-0804-Edit2

Dream of a Shadow

Dream of a Shadow 1b-2616

Dream of a Shadow

Dream of a Shadow 1a-0729-Edit

Dream of a Shadow

Corporate Golf Days

Many associations and larger companies have annual golf days.  These organised events are not always about who’s the best golfer, for many who play it’s their first time out on the greens.  One of the regular events we cover is held at the Southern Golf Club in Keysborough, Victoria.  The club can organise your event providing clubs, carts and meals.  It’s a great way to build team work and foster relationships among customer and industry associates.  Don’t forget to book a photographer to ensure you have all those wonderful memories captured of the day!

APICSA Vic Golf Day 2013 -1495

Corporate Golf Day

APICSA Vic Golf Day 2013 -8958

Corporate Golf Day

APICSA Vic Golf Day 2013 -8938

Corporate Golf Day

APICSA Vic Golf Day 2013-20358

Corporate Golf Day

APICSA Vic Golf Day 2013-20192

Corporate Golf Day